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About us

LAD TRADE SA is an international trading company of mineral and organic raw materials, of steel materials for civil and petrochemical engineering as well as chemical products.

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Our office is located in Rolle, a small town between Geneva and Lausanne. The city of Rolle has been created by Louis II de Savoie in 1330. Today, there are almost 6000 inhabitants called "Les Rollois". Everyone agrees that life is very enjoyable in the region of Rolle. Its charm is much appreciated. Rolle has never developed in a disproportionate way. Nevertheless, one can find everything one needs (schools, shops, banks, light industries, craftsmen, hotels).  Finally, Rolle hosts a number of European head offices of large international companies.

Our services

International trading

LAD TRADE SA is specialized in the international trading of raw materials and more specifically of:

Mines and Metals :

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals:
– Steel coils (HRC,CRC, Galvanized, Strip, etc.)
– Steel billets
– Wire rod (hard, medium-hard, soft)
– Ingots (tin, antimony, zinc, copper, aluminum, etc.)
– Tinplate
– Ferrous and non-ferrous powders
– Various steel products (beams, rods, etc.)
– Steel Rebars

Mining Products:
– Rock Phosphate
– Clinker
– Portland Gray Cement
– Iron-ore

Chemicals and Raw materials

– Plastic resins (polymer, monopolymer)
– Petrochemicals
– Chemicals
– Phytosanitary products
– Textile raw materials

Agricultural raw materials (fertilizers):

– Rock phosphate
– Phosphate by-products (DAP, MAP, TSP, SSP)
– Fertilizer commodities (Urea, MOP, SOP, Sulfur)
– Specialties and solubles (SOP soluble, Magnesium sulfate, Tech MAP, etc)

Additional services

LAD TRADE SA is a keen supporter of the trade label “North-South and South-North” avoiding wherever possible the one-way trade. Our ideology is based on the strong desire to encourage the economic development of our customers.

Consequently, our export department with its elaborated strategies is at the entire disposal of our clients, assisting them with the marketing of their products on an international scale.

LAD TRADE SA operates globally but with a particular focus and privileged connections in the following countries:  Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Oman, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Germany.


Do not hesitate to contact our sister company CDT INTER SA regarding turnkey factory projects or company representation


Main office

Thanks to its experienced, multicultural and multi-language staff, LAD TRADE SA can guarantee successful business.

Engineering staff

Our interdisciplinary team composed of a range of European experts and experienced engineers operates together with the local teams. LAD TRADE SA has finalized a number of turnkey factories internationally and thus has a strong experience in the field.


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